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Beautiful Brows and Lashes Professional

Specialist Cosmetics & Education Company

Along with our products being lovingly made in the United Kingdom, we continue to revolutionize the beauty industry.
The Beautiful Brows and Lashes idea was put into action in 2010. Since then the company has become world renown for manufacturing the industries best products. Today, Beautiful Brows and Lashes retails and distributes worldwide, attends the largest beauty shows around the world, and is sought after by beauty professionals everywhere.

Warren Gavin 

CEO & Founder

Gavin is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Beautiful Brows and Lashes Professional. With over 20 years of experience creating sought after and successful products for the beauty and fashion industry, he as built Beautiful Brows and Lashes Professional into the thriving and globally renowned company that professionals around the world seek out and trust to give their clients the results that only Beautiful Brows and Lashes Professional products can deliver. 
Creating, then scaling new brands, products, and OEM projects for both the professional and retail markets around the world are just some of his many skills. His knowledge of market trends, consumers needs, professional wants, the design, creative and manufacturing process, is truly unrivalled.


Sara B. Anderson

Beautiful Brows and Lashes – Director of Education

Our Director of Education, Sara Anderson is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of LashLift Store – Distribution & Education. Sara has always had a passion for education, as she firmly believes it is the gateway through which dreams are achieved.

Just a few of her many skills she has are certification in microblading and is widely considered a master in the field, she is a highly trained lash and brow artist, receiving training from some of the top trainers in the industry, and is an internationally renowned educator.