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Our online courses are designed to allow you to go at your own pace. You can finish as early as one day however, some students take a little longer to better understand each course. You will have a 90 day time limit to complete your course.

That’s up to you! We have several different options of courses including kits and many options without kits! You can choose what is best for you!

Not during training, however, you will be required to send in 3 satisfactory before and after case study photos in order to be finished with the course and become certified. Please note, it could take more than 3 to reach certification.

Each kit is designed for the specific course chosen. Please refer to the course description for the designated kit. 

Yes with the approval of case studies and completion of each course, each student will receive a certification of achievement. 

Of course! We always welcome questions, and will be here for unlimited support! 

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If you are trained through another brand, and you want to be certified through Lash and Brow bomb, this is will be the course for you!